Bollywood Singer Sonu Nigam's Little Son Sings Own Milk Version of Why This Kolaveri Di!

We talked about the 'why this kolaveri di' song in post which is a massive hit in India right now.

Kolaveri Di featuring Nevaan Nigam

Now playback singer Sonu Nigam's 4 years old son Nevaan giving competition danush (who sing the original song) Not only he sing the song,he also modified the song and his YouTube version is now getting as much as attention as danush's actual singing song getting!

The new version of the song has the lyrics 'handla glass-u, glass la milk-u, milk-u colour white-u; empty glass-u, mamma come-u, give me milk-u dear-u." Nigam is seen in the video along with his wife Madhurima, encouraging their son who takes on the microphone with the practiced ease of a pro.

The milk version of 'Why This Kolaveri Di' already has 82,900 page views while the original, which was uploaded on November 16 is going strong with 16,253,632 hits. 


Danush is highly impressed with the version sung by Sonu Niigaam's four-year-old son, Neevan.
"Oh my god I'm in love with Nevaan's version of 'Kolaveri'. Great idea Sonu Niigaamji. It's very touching and endearing. Hi 5 nevaan. God bless," Dhanush posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.
After recieving Dhanush's compliments, Sonu tweeted: "Thank u @dhanushkraja ji... He so loved the song that we thought we should do this for him... And now he thinks you'll meet him More Power!"
Dhanush, son-in-law of superstar Rajnikanth, more than welcomed the idea.
"@sonuniigaam he is a Rockstarji. Would love to meet him and also make a video with him. I know he will steal the show. Still... God bless," he responded.
Sonu seemed excited at the prospect of getting his son to meet Dhanush.
"@dhanushkraja He'll be so happy to meet u... He has emulated ur style so enthusiastically afterall... @dhanushkraja Thank u for giving our nation such an endearing treat of a song... God bless," tweeted Sonu.
'Kolaveri di' has received over 17 million hits on YouTube so far since its release on November 16.

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