Katrina Kaif's Sister Isabel Kaif Did Have A Sex Scandal!

Bollywood Actress Katrina Kaif's Hot sister Isabel kaif Did have a REAL scandal video. Isabel Kaif wanted to seriously begin her Bollywood career under the mentorship of elder sister Katrina Kaif, but even before starting acting she is in limelight! A sexually explicit video of a girl bearing an uncanny resemblance to her is doing the rounds claiming as Isabel kaif.

isabel Kaif
Here more news about the scandal....

katrina kaif isabel kaif hot

isabel kaif hot

Her mother Susana Mary Turcotte directly denied that the girl in MMS has nothing to do with Isabel. Her big sister katrina also angry about the publication who publisehd the story has apologised the reference to her sister in the clip.
isabel kaif mms scandal

In fact,the video have been gone viral for a while.The DVD is freely available with hawkers outside most suburban railway stations. people are buying it to watch katrina Kaif sister naked!

isabel kaif hot scandal

Katrina Kaif and her mother Susana Mary Turcotte denied the girl seen in the MMS clip titled ‘Isabel Kaif’ is not Isabelle. The look-alike’s video clip, which posted in most forum, has caused enough hot discussion.

isabel kaif sex scandal hot mms

In the DVD, which is a part of other HOT encounters by various artist, is titled ‘Isabel Kaif’.The girl in the MMS does seem to have similarity to Katrina’s sister, but no one conclusively established whether it is her or not.

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