Things You Don't Know About Sunny Leone (11 Facts With HOT Photos!)

I bet you know these things about Sunny Leone. Most Guys love to see sunny leones hot videos but they don't know a bit about this sexy lady. So here 11 things you need to know about this Indo-Canadian hottie SUNNY LEONE  who's all over the small screen and  media in India.

Sunny Leone

Get excited?

While every guy, we mean EVERY guy--who's ever accessed the Internet is familiar with

Sunny Leone's amazing body of work, there are still a few things you may not know about this 

hottie. So, here's a crash course on this pornstar, who's currently turning heads on the Indian

reality show 'Bigg Boss.'

Sunny Leone hot bikini
Sunny Leone in bikini
#1 Background

Sunny Leone entered this world on May 13, 1981 in a small Canadian town called Sarnia. She 

was born to Sikh parents, and her birth name is Karen Malhotra. 

Karen was enrolled in a Catholic school instead of a regular public school. We can only 

imagine how hot she must look in a Catholic school girl's uniform! 

Sunny Leone bikini photos
Sunny Leone posing hot
Sunny Leone bikini gallery
Sunny Leone
#2 Early Sexcapades

Apparently, Sunny was 14 when she first kissed a boy. However, she waited for 2 years after 

that to lose her virginity. Her first was some incredibly lucky high school basketball player from 

a nearby school. This just proves that athletes get all the hot chicks! 

By the time she was 18, Sunny had figured out that she was bisexual. 

#3  Education
Sunny Leone hot images download
Sunny Leone

Leone and her family moved to California when she was 13. She graduated high school in 

1999 and went to college in Orange County, California. 

She was an aspiring pediatric nurse. Are we the only ones imagining her in a hot nurse's 

uniform now? 

#4 Lucky Break

Sunny Leone hot body
Sunny Leone

One of her friends introduced Sunny to a Penthouse photographer. Thanks to her natural flair 

for posing for the camera--and of course, willingness to shed her clothes--she was an instant 


Sunny Leone became the Penthouse Pet of the Month for March 2001. We, bet most of you are going 

to rifle through the Internet to locate that steamy photo shoot! Just don't do it at work!

Sunny Leone boobs photo
Sunny Leone
#5 Odd Jobs

Before making it big, Sunny was like any other teenager, and had to take up odd jobs to earn 

some extra cash. At 15, she worked at a locally-owned German bakery. 

She also worked at an auto repair shop and a tax and retirement firm. 

Sunny Leone hot big boobs wallpaper
Sunny Leone
#6 Real Name

Sunny changed her name once she entered the world of modelling--while 'Karen Malhotra' 

would've been a big hit among her Indian fans, 'Sunny Leone' has more of a global appeal. 

However, we really doubt that not changing her name would have made her any less 


#7 Filmography

Sunny Leone hot navel
Sunny Leone

Since her 2001 debut in 'Penthouse: Pets In Paradise,' Sunny has featured in dozens of adult 

films. Thanks to her classic good looks and gorgeous figure, she's never really been out of a 

job--no pun intended.

While she started off doing naked photo shoots and softcore flicks, Sunny slowly graduate to 

hardcore porn--much to the delight of men everywhere! She even went in and got breast 

implants after a few years in porn.

Sunny Leone hot bollywood murder pics
Sunny Leone
#8 Favorite Cuisine

She might be one heck of a tasty dish herself, but even Sunny Leone likes to indulge in her favorite 

food every once in a while. Her favorite cuisine happens to be Italian.

Meanwhile, she happens to be our favorite dessert!

Sunny Leone hot images download
Sunny Leone
#9 Tomboy

It might come as a surprise, but unlike most hot women, Sunny loved sports growing up. She 

loved to play street hockey and ice hockey with the local boys. 

It seems she loved playing in the snow all day. Now, most men would love to play with her all 


Sunny Leone hot pics
Sunny Leone
# 10 Stellar Connections

Having worked for some of the biggest names in porn including Penthouse and Hustler, Sunny 

has worked with the who's who of the porn industry. This stellar list of her co-stars includes, 

Jenna Jameson, Aria Giovanni and Tera Patrick.

For those unfamiliar with the porn industry, these women are the reason why men insist on 

having a high-speed internet connection! And don't you dare google any of them at work!

#11 Personal Life

Sunny Leone bra photos
Sunny Leone

It is obvious that a hottie like her doesn't have too much trouble on the dating front. She was 

once engaged to Matt Erikson, a marketing vice-president at Playboy, but that didn't work out. 

For now, it looks like she's focussing on her career. She's even hinted at making a transition 

into Bollywood. Do we smell an item number in her future--perhaps in her new Bhatt film?

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