The Ultimate 7 Best Bollywood Boob Job Ever!

Oh!My God! yes you get it! here the ultimate Bollywood actress who done damn good boob job in history!

Mallika Sherawat hot photos
Mallika Sherawat

These Bollywood actress are totally cazy. What they can do for their hotness!! Check out the best Bollywood celebrities who done breast implants. 

Start with the super hot Bollywood actress...

#1 : Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen hot bikini pics
Sushmita Sen
This former Miss Universe is one of the first--if not the first--women in B-town to get her puppies pumped! In our opinion it only added to her beauty, and helped her land a few roles in Bollywood and even down South. 

All the current silicon-sporting hotties need to thank her for being bold enough to set a trend and admit to getting a procedure done back when au naturale was all the rage!

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#2 : Mallika Sherawat

mallika murder hot photos
Mallika Sherawat
When you make a career out of item numbers, your body will need the occasional nip and tuck to stay in prime shape! This hottie knows that, and got herself a decent pair of breast implants. 

Since then--and actually, even before that--she's bared her ample cleavage anywhere she could get away with it! Not that we're complaining!

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#3 : Poonam Pandey

poonam pandey hot photos
Poonam Pandey

Although she denies it, there are rumours circulating about a possible boob job. We think this model/aspiring actress--who's best known for her unfulfilled vow to bare it all after India's World Cup win--has, in fact, got breast implants seeing as how her recent pictures appear much fuller!

Unless there's a miracle Wonderbra that can boost you up several cup sizes, we're inclined to believe that she's not all natural.

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#4 : Rakhi Sawant

rakhi sawant hot photos
 Rakhi Sawant

Some like her, some hate her, but nobody can ignore her assets! This item girl/TV host went under the knife a few years ago to take her cup size up a few notches. This surgery seems to have worked wonders as she's got much more exposure over the last couple of years. 

She's yet another fine example of the 'item girls need implants' theory!
#5 : Bipasha Basu

bipasha basu big boobs pics
Bipasha Basu

This hot model-turned-bollywood actress also got breast implants a few years ago to make herself even more desirable! Her augmentation was meant to enhance her assets for her role in 'Jism.'

While her surgery worked wonders, as most movie-goers flocked to see her specifically, it was reported that Bipasha didn't pay the good doctor who operated on her! Considering the kind of fame she's achieved since the surgery (and most likely because of it) let us hope the doctor gets his just rewards! 

#6 : Ayesha Takia

Ayesha takia hot photos
Ayesha Takia

Along with her acting skills, her vital stats have also been eye-catching! The secret behind her ample bosoms was, of course, implants. However, she had to get rid of them a couple of years ago, since her substantial bust size was reportedly causing her shoulder pain. 

They did look heavy enough to bring down the best of the guys!

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#7 : Shraddha Sharma

Shraddha Sharma hot photos
Shraddha Sharma

This aspiring actress recently went under the knife to get some enhanced breasts for her stint as a house mate in Bigg Boss 5. So now, the already curvy bombshell, became even curvier thanks to her implants 

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According to reports, she even had a wardrobe malfunction while performing a group dance in the Bigg Boss house. Unfortunately for us, the footage was promptly edited out of the show. Let's hope we get to see more of her newly-acquired assets soon.



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