Dhoom Machale Dhoom - Lame Song, Hot Katrina Kaif!

Dhoom 3 is the much waiting Bollywood film in 2013. Of course for Bollwood Most Wanted Aamir khan and the Bollywood queen Katrina kaif. Last few days ago the title track of Dhoom 3 just released in YouTube. Everybody was jumping to watch the song because it's featuring Katrina Kaif in hot dance move. Enjoy some HOT stills!

katrina kaif dhoom 3

But this song literally de-satisfied all dhoom fans. Because it's has nothing like former dhoom machale shoom song. If you go to YouTube you will see lots of negative comments from fans.

But Katrina Kaif boost it! She is looking so hot that people don't mind watching the song rather listening! I would say that Dhoom machale dhoom is a lame song but Katrin Kaif is so hot in this video that i can watch and watch and watch over and over again!

katrina kaif hot photos

katrina kaif hot

sexy katrina kaif photos

katrina kaif dhoom 3 hot

Katrina Kaif done a lot training to look fit in dhoom 3. We watch the result. Katrina says,“Dhoom Machale Dhoom is less about me, and more about the spirit of the film.”

She also adds, "Personally for me it is not about bettering Sheila, Chikni or Mashallah, but instead giving something different. And I would say, that is in a song that you are yet to see".

Katrin Kaif is HOT & HIT! But the song is TOTALLY FLOP!! 

Check out Hot katrina Kaif in Dhoom Machale Dhoom Song, Doing Hot Moves! 

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