Soha Ali Khan Bikini Body vs Sharmila Tagore Bikini Body

Lets have a contest! Here is two beautiful lady in bikini. You just have to tell us who is looking more sexy then other! Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan is posing in a bikini from 'Mr. Joe B Carvalho'.

sharmila tagore bikini

Guess what! The left one is Sharmila Tagore and the righ one hot bomb is our own bollywood actress Soha Ali khan! Different is one is mother and one is daughter! :D How sexy!

soha ali khan hot pictures

Soha Ali khan's Mother Sharmila Tagore done a bikini for a Filmfare magazine shoot  in 1968. She also donned a sexy swimsuit in 'An Evening In Paris' (a one-piece, and not a bikini)

sharmila tagore bikini photo

But it seems new thing for Soha Ali khan.Soha Ali Khan will be seen in a bikini from 'Mr. Joe B Carvalho.When Sharmila wears Bikni, it was revolutionary step in Indian cinema, where as Soha Ali khan wearing Bikni is just a normal thing to attract fans i think!

sharmila tagore and soha ali khan in bikini

But my vote goes to Sharmila for sure. With no photoshop or similar softwares available and with technology of that time, she is looking awesome here!

What you think? Soha Ali Khan Bikini Body is better Than her mom Sharmila Tagore???

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